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Archivio mensile: Settembre 2014

The many faces of compact stars

In this school, we want to give a broad overview of all the possible manifestations of compact objects in different astrophysical scenarios. For this purpose, a large list of topics will be addressed during the meeting by renowned international experts: accretion theory, binaries, neutron stars thermal emission, equation of states, microquasar jets, neutron star cooling, radio-pulsars, magnetospheres, compact stars as…

Joint WISH + First galaxies International Workshop

WISH (Wide-field Infrared Surveyor for High-redshift) is a space science mission concept whose primary goal is to study the first galaxies in the early universe. WISH will be a Japan-led 1.5m telescope equipped with a 900 arcmin2 wide-field, Near-IR, 0.2-0.5arcsec FWHM, camera that would fly by ~2020 in order to conduct unique ultra-deep and wide-area…

Exoplanets with JWST – MIRI

The workshop is aimed on discussing the capabilities and techniques for characterising exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope, in particular with its MIRI instrument. The discussions will cover both transit spectroscopy and direct imaging, covering giant planets to rocky planets and their atmospheres. Poster of the workshop

Fundamental Issues of the Standard Cosmological Model

The Planck Satellite measurement have increased the accuracy of cosmological observations to a level which allows to constrain cosmological models with unprecedented precision. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the implications of these recent results combined with other (i.e. Planck, but also WMAP, galaxy surveys, SNIa data...) on models that aim at describing…