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Multi-object spectroscopy on the European Extremely Large Telescope

Multi-object spectroscopy on the European Extremely Large Telescope – The workhorse instruments of the 8-10m class observatories are their multi-object spectrographs (MOS), providing comprehensive follow-up to ground-based and space-borne imaging. With the advent of deeper imaging surveys from, e.g., HST, VISTA, JWST and Euclid, there will be a plethora of targets for E-ELT spectroscopy. We believe there is a strong and compelling case for a MOS as one of the first E-ELT instruments. By exploiting the excellent image quality across the full focal plane of the telescope, combined with its tremendous light-gathering power, we will be able to obtain the large samples necessary to tackle some of the key scientific drivers of the E-ELT project, ranging from studies of stellar populations out to the highest-redshift galaxies.

We are arranging a two-day meeting in October to capture the scientific requirements from the ESO community for a MOS on the E-ELT. There has already been extensive work in this area as part of three Phase A instrument studies. Ahead of finalising the E-ELT instrumentation plan, it is timely to revisit and reflect on the MOS requirements, particularly in terms of spatial and spectral resolutions, wavelength coverage, and multiplex. The “links” section refers to relevant documentation on the E-ELT instrumentation, in particular on the three MOS concepts for the E-ELT: DIORAMAS, EAGLE and OPTIMOS-EVE. There is also a plea for the implementation of a MOS just after the two first light instruments of the E-ELT.

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