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Nordita Winter School 2013 in High-Energy Astrophysics

Nordita Winter School 2013 in High-Energy Astrophysics – The purpose of this winter school is to provide PhD students and young postdocs in the Nordic countries with introductory courses in a range of the most important topics in the field of theoretical astrophysics. Furthermore, the school will provide a way to bring together students and young postdocs across different fields, research institutions and countries.

Preliminary time table: There will be two 90 min regular lectures each day. At the end of each day there will be an opportunity for a seminar or two short talks, for example by some of the students or by guests and other scientists. Also, have scheduled 3 informal group sessions (Grp1-3), where groups of ~10 students talk with each teacher in turn for about 45 min.

Topics of School

  • Black hole accretion discs,
  • gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows,
  • particle acceleration and relativistic shocks,
  • neutron star mergers and gravitational waves,
  • Extragalactic CRs and high-energy neutrinos

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gravitational waves | high-energy neutrinos | neutron star mergers | particle acceleration

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