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Target Conference: Probing Big Data for Answers

The Target consortium is happy to annouce its first conference that will take place between 3rd and 5th of April, 2013 near the scenic town of Groningen. Conference sessions and events will run from the afternoon of April 3 rd until noon on April 5th. The Target Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together key national players in Big Data in one location. These will include key researchers from the academic and private sector, key players in the creative industry, policy makers and investors / funding agencies. This creates the environment to fulfill the objective of the Target Conference: to enhance the national R&D agenda in the field of Big Data and to expose the various Big Data projects  in the north of the Netherlands. Following a plenary assessment of the current status, the focus will be on parallel sessions to investigate priorities and opportunities for a leading Dutch role over the next 5 years in the field of Big Data.  Conference topics have been selected carefully to be of great generic value across research disciplines and economic sectors. Topics will be presented and discussed in the form of plenary talks as well as more in-depth parallel/Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions. ICT demonstrations and exhibitions will run in parallel with the conference sessions.

Target is one of the largest ongoing public-private projects in the Netherlands in the area of large-scale data management and information systems. The project focuses on research and development of innovative intelligent information systems that can efficiently process data and extract information from extremely large and structurally diverse datasets. Based on the partnership of research institutions, local and global IT businesses, Target has set up an expertise center in Groningen for data management of (inter)national science projects in the area of astronomy, life sciences and artificial intelligence, as well as a number of innovative commercial applications in the field of information technologies. Target also manages and maintains the second largest academic computer center in the Netherlands hosted by the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology at the University of Groningen.

To learn more about Target and its current activities, visit out website at

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